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Developer Note: This game was a learning project and prototype for my upcoming game made in less than a week, as that it contains simple storyline and small level. The game was released for friends and family, with the goal to also receive some suggestions. The reason this game was made paid: $0.99 USD was to cover fees for my website and earn a few dollars. While the game is not perfect, I still hope you will enjoy the short experience. Thank you.


Ending explained

For those of you who were confused at the ending, Kevin was getting punished by his nightmare because of what he has done.

A One-Room based first-person game
Jack had always thought Kevin was his best friend, until the day he was murdered by him. After the murder, Kevin felt hunted and that Jack's ghost was at the hotel to take revenge, but he assured himself that it was only his brain feeling guilty... Play as Kevin in this horror journey, who had just come back to the hotel after murdering Jack. You can also interact and examine objects, as well as make phone calls with the telephone in the hotel room.

Key Features

Interact With Objects: Full control of lights.

Examinable Objects: Read notes and examine objects.

Interactable computer

Interactable phone

Itch.io Demo
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